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Hypnotherapy Is it ?
Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy with munggunakan hypnosis mind / hypnosis.Hypnosis / Hypnosis is bringing someone to enter a state of relaxation in order to enter the subconscious mind, to then be given suggestions. In hypnotherapy, when the client has entered the state of relaxation / somnambulism, there was a therapeutic process. Is Hypnosis the same as those on TV where we do not realize what we talking about? NOT! In the hypnotherapy, you can still control your mind. You still have SELF-CONTROL entirely. Even if you do not want to talk anything you can. Just because this is the process of therapy is recommended that you open, because with the openness of the process will be more effective therapy. When you keep your dihipnoterapi REMEMBER fromINITIAL THERAPY until the END . It's totally different to show on television, where people just realized what he had said when the "victim" to watch the tape.THE FOLLOWING FACTS ARE THERE YOU CAN READ: Facts show on television hypnosis Is Hypnosis the same as the shows on TV where someone always follow the orders of the hypnotist? Obviously DIFFERENT .Inside Hypnotherapy, we have a goal to help solve the problems facing clients.While that on TV the goal is to attract people to watch the show, where it takes something that is funny and challenging untukmenghibur audience. The purpose Hypnotherapy helps clients overcome the problem so here hypnotherapy work with clients to provide solutions to client problems. All the suggestions given client is also not necessarily be accepted as long as the client is inconsistent with the values ​​of the client. For example: a client comes to the complaint did not feel confident in public. The hypnotherapist then mensugesti him that he had hit someone first before appearing in public. If this does not correspond to the values ​​/ norms of the client's suggestions will not be accepted. So in our subconscious mind that there are still protecting us from suggestions that do not correspond to the values ​​/ norms of us personally. What's it like in a hypnotic state? Many people who do not know hypnosis / hypnosis / hypnotherapy, assume that the hypnotic state is similar to sleep or pass out or do not hear anything, the body can not move, could not hear the sound around, or could not speak. Actually, hypnosis is a state of relaxation your body and mind, just as you relax your body when you go to sleep at night. When you are hypnotized, then you will feel the whole body relaxes, the mind becomes focused, feeling peaceful and calm, and you can still hear sounds around you and even you can also move your body. What are the benefits of Hypnotherapy?

  • Insomnia
  • Insecure, lack confidence
  • Phobia
  • Freeing yourself from nervous when speaking
  • Stress, too many thoughts
  • Depression
  • Rise of Sadness
  • Controlling emotions / anger excessive terhadapa both children and couples
  • Neutralize heartache
  • Freeing yourself from GUILT FEELINGS
  • Stop Smoking
  • Bedwetting at bedtime
  • Panic Attack, suddenly felt frightened, anxious and panicky for no reason
  • Irritable or sensitive to the words of others
  • Paranoid, or a fear that others will harm or always felt himself in danger
  • Destroying MENTAL BLOCK
  • Freeing yourself from psychosomatic (caused by disease of mind, body checked into the hospital doctors are not there)
  • Vaginismus, frigidity or dyspareunia
  • PREMATURE EJACULATION (non-organic, not caused by physical problems)
  • Etc. related to the mind and emotions Attunement ALSO DOING WITH HIGH ENERGY LEVEL IS NEAR OR LONG DISTANCE.                                                                               
What are the requirements for dihipnoterapi?
  • Clients must have a DESIRE OF YOURSELF for FREE from the PROBLEM and MAU treated . Therapy can not be done with any element of coercion or client felt there was no problem with him
How much should YOU spend to solve problems that are facing this YOU? Only Rp. 200.000, - per session of about two hours of counseling and therapy.LOCATION WHERE DO I?: SY POSITION IN ACEH IN EXACTLY Bireun, HP SJ NUMBER: 085 260 889 728 A / N CH.ASRINAZAR


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